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Chinese Style Shopping Tour

Tour Duration: 4 hours

Yunhong Chopstick Shop

Nanjing Road is full of all kinds of unique shops and specialty stores. One of the local favourite specialty shops on Nanjing Road is Yunhong Chopstick Shop. It offers various sizes and shapes of chopsticks for use or decoration.

No.387 East Nanjing Road

Duo Yun Xuan Art House

An exclusive site located on East Nanjing Road, Duo Yun Xuan Art House is a great place to go for a leisurely day of shopping. Bith a gallery and a shopping spot, Duo Yun Xuan offers a wide selection of painting, calligraphy, traditional crafts and other artworks.

No.422 East Nanjing Road

Cai Tong De Tang Pharmacy

If you are interested in natural healing and traditional Chinese medicines, Cai Tong De Tang Pharmacy is a good choice. Check out the wide selection of herbs and oils that can be used to treat a variety of ailments.

No.450 East Nanjing Road

Wuliangcai Glass Shop

Wuliangcai is famous for being one of the oldest brands established in China, dating back to the Qing Dynasty. You can find glass-works of various colours, shapes, sizes and for various purpose.

No. 456 East Nanjing Road

Zhang Xiao Quan

Zhang Xiao Quan is recognized as one of the oldest stores of China, dating to the Qing Dynasty. It specializes in knives and scissors and is known for selling only top quality products on the local and international markets.

No.490 East Nanjing Road

Silk King

Nanjing Road is home to another popular shop called Silk King. The shop is known for its amazing silk clothing, accessories, embroideries, decorations, etc. There is also an in-house tailor that will make items for your choice.

No.588 East Nanjing Road