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Chinese gastronomy is famous for its variety

— focusing on texture, pleasure and nutrition. GRAND MERCURE demonstrates a true understanding of this by integrating regional dishes and fresh, seasonal ingredients to provide an authentic experience of the local cuisine all enriched by a selection of wines and cognacs.

Rediscover Authentic Pleasures of China

Every day, all-day, a menu of 3 congee bases, along with a wide range of local condiments is on offer to all guests. In addition, a wide variety of fine tea is on display in the lobby, during the traditional tea ceremonies and made available throughout the hotel so that all guests will have the opportunity to experience the Chinese tea culture.

Inspiring with New Discoveries

GRAND MERCURE creates a complete gastronomic experience with 8 specially selected Chinese and French wines. Each list is renewed regularly and at reasonable prices to provide an accessible offer to all guests. And for those who want to explore the world of French pleasures further, a selection of premium cognacs will be made available as well — culminating into a variety of inspiring discoveries for the curious palate.